Monday, July 7, 2014

On Dating a Fashionista

There are roughly 7 billion people on this planet. The chances are actually quite decent that you'll end up dating at least one of them, but there are certain breeds of person that are unmistakable, easily recognizable, but sometimes a quite complicated thing to try and engage in any sort of relationship with. This is a survival guide of sorts, a list and a guide to what happens if you are planning or are in the process of dating the breed of woman known around the world as "The Fashionista".

Pros and Cons of Dating a Fashionista:
1) You'll always have someone to honestly tell you if the outfit you're about to leave the house in looks utterly ridiculous or just plain hideous, or if the outfit works.
2) You essentially have a personal fashion designer, makeup artist, and hair stylist at your fingertips...if they love fashion chances are they are handy with makeup brushes and curling irons as well.
3) They will never look bad. A Fashionista considers it almost a sin to leave the house not looking fully up to par, so they will very likely always look stunning when leaving for any occasion, giving you bragging rights and serious props from your buddies.
4) They are almost assuringly more organised than you. At least when it comes to their closets, they have to be organized to be able to find what they want to wear, so they will always be handy if you need to sort things, or tell the difference between two pairs of shoes that you swear look the same.
5) They are proud of you. Fashionistas own everything they do, and that includes you. With a Fashionista you will NEVER feel ignored or hidden by her, she's gonna be showing you off!
6) Every once in a while you'll leave the house looking fabulous. One of the few things Fashionistas love more than looking good themselves us helping their less fashionable friends (or love interests) look good too. I can guarantee that more than once they'll beg you to let them dress you... don't grumble too much, chances are you won't be disappointed.
7) Never be confused about what any clothing item is called or how to wash it again...they WILL tell you how to do it correctly and will reprimand you if you have NOT washed clothing correctly.
8)  They have a keen eye in design. If you date a fashoinista and you live with them, its a fat chance your apartment will look any less fabulous than they do.
9) You have a personal internet navigator. If you're like me, you prefer to spend your time in the darker corners of the internet, using favorite links and websites you've gone on for at least 4 years, so when you finally venture out and emerge to navigate the normal part of the internet, you find yourself lost. Not to worry, no self respectable Fashionista has gotten EVERY piece of clothing from the actual store; chances are they have an amazon account or some online shopping profiles, as well as a handy knowledge of how to work the confusing normal corners of the internet for the more socialized.
10) you have a money saving bloodhound. Fashionistas have a sixth sense when it comes to deals, sales, and money saving, so if you want to save money, take them along. They will hunt down the cheapest and most satisfying deal in the store and still have time for a frappucino.
11) They are passionate. Fashoinistas love expressing themselves and their styles through clothing, and chances are they love other ways of expressing themselves. They are full of surprises.
12) Deep down they are snugglers. Fashionistas love clothes that are comfortable and feel good, so they like their relationships the same way. If you want a snuggle buddy to curl up with under a blanket and watch movies with on a rainy day, they are the ones to call.

1) If you think something looks good, but they don't, you're gonna hear that they don't like the way it looks more than once...regardless of how much you might think it's freaking awesome.
2) You will be out-shined. Just face it now, they might be proud of you, but Fashionistas practically emanate a personal spotlight. When you go out...the eyes are very likely focused on your sharply dressed companion, not yourself.
3) if you are're probably gonna get an earful more than once about how its a miracle that you can find anything, and how something is probably living in your desk drawers without your knowledge.
4) They WILL want your opinion on new outfits. Why is this a con? Because if you DON'T like what they are wearing, it would be completely in your best interests to address it VERY MILDLY. Because you will either get a sassy earful about how it's their style and they think it's cute no matter what you say, or you will feel guilty as hell because they will put it up and never wear it again.
5) If you DON'T agree with their taste or find something cute that they don't, but you really want it, you had better saddle down for a fight. Fashionistas are masters at logic, and can make any decision you're about to make sound like the dumbest thing you've ever even thought about doing. SO be warned: you better want it bad or you WILL be talked out of it.
6) They are master debaters. The world of fashion if full of shades of grey (pardon the pun), so they are experts at shaping opinions, comebacks, and logic. Choose your arguments wisely, or you shall lose, my friend.
7) Suddenly how something looks no longer holds the only key to buying new clothes. Fashionistas don't just want clothes that look good, they want clothes that will last, so they are absolute experts at fibers clothes are made of, and which ones are crappy. If you date a Fashionista, you will be reprimanded for having a cheap shirt made of something that's bound to shrink in the wash and lose its color in three wears. Even worse, you'll catch yourself checking tags for the fiber when buying clothes by yourself after that!
8) They SUCK at making last minute decisions. If you've ever seen a Fashionista try and get dressed in the morning, you know that its almost worthy of video taping. They seem incapable of making up their minds, muttering to themselves and trying on at least 5 different combinations in the mirror before asking for an opinion before FINALLY settling on an outfit they will probably change later in the day anyway. The problem is that the decision making skill comes in to play when deciding restaurants, movies, food, and basically anything that requires choosing ANYTHING.
9) THEY ARE STUBBORN. They are used to a lot of people thinking what they wear doesn't look good, so they tend to be used to having to stick with their choices and be proud about it. Good luck arguing them out of anything.
10) some of their wish list is a serious bank breaker. While Fashionistas hunt down deals, some fashion accessories are just going to be expensive, no matter the just be prepared to do some saving if you're gonna treat your Fashionista on Christmas.

 The world is full of Fashionistas, the bloggers, the clothing gurus. But the most important thing to remember about Fashionistas it this: you get what you give. Treat them like your favorite t-shirt, and they will never wear and tear.Love them fiercely, and in time they will love you just as fiercely back. Love them lazily, and they will quickly get bored and you will lose a treasure that you will regret ever letting go of.

By Autumn

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