Sunday, July 20, 2014

How the Internet Has Shaped My Education

I am a child of the Internet Generation. Not the kids that necessarily were born with it being a huge thing, but the generation that has made it grow and thrive and develop into a mad powerhouse of magical journeys and wonderful memes and mind bending information;the kids that grew into the adults that now are its main powerhouses in social media.

I myself, play a huge part in the internet, not as one of aforementioned social media stars, but as one of the lurkers, the writers, and a college student. The internet has played a huge role in my education since I was in high school. The internet, has, in a way, simply spoiled me. Before, an actual amount of extensive *shudder* bookwork was required to do long informative research papers, but since I was blessed with the magic of Le interwebs, I am able to simply Google my topic, and have countless links show up that I can simply click on. Journal articles, websites, research projects, historical documents, all on the SPECIFIC TOPIC that I have chosen or been assigned to waste hours of my life working on. For example, I had to do a topic on positive reinforcement for a psychology class. It was because of the magic of the Internet that I was able to find a clip of my favorite TV show, "The Big Bang Theory", which perfectly captured the spirit of positive reinforcement, and then was able to literally paste it into a PowerPoint I had created. Not only was it a huge hit, but the entire idea of that concept is really pretty incredible when you think about it.
The internet is a wonderful tool, full of useful information and incredible links that help you with almost any project....if you just STAY FOCUSED. To all my fellow internet junkies, you know all to well the struggle I am about to tell you.
When you are 3 hours in on writing a 10 page paper, and you are about to claw your eyebrows out, you decide to take a short break and go on YouTube for a minute or so, or maybe check your Facebook page, and that was your first mistake. The second you click your first follow link, 3 hours later you find yourself watching chimps on YouTube, your paper about queen Elizabeth utterly forgotten for your useless, but easily entertaining YouTube subscription.
So really, this is a slippery slope, the Internet. Really it is a great tool to use, and quite frankly, I probably wouldn't have survived school without it, but if you choose to use it, be prepared for the consequences you may have to face.

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