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Greetings internet dwellers! For those of you that have either come from THAT part of the internet (talking giraffes and green cats) or those of you doing casual browsing, welcome to the blog! this is essentially a blog that me and my girlfriend (my girlfriend and I, pardon my error for you grammar Nazis that just cringed internally) have created and plan to run together. But before you dare to enter the domain of awkward, quirky randomness that will become the lifeblood of this blog, we should go through the ever important introductions!

My name's Autumn. I am the goofy romantic with a passion for writing, drawing, video games, Converse, Pokemon, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Minecraft, and really almost anything nerdy. I also love food and am a lunatic who loves four wheeling, the lake, and really any adventure at all to distract from the mind numbing boredom that can be the life of a college student, especially if it involves singing loudly to music and long car rides. I like to think of myself as a lady with the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. I play a few different instruments (the guitar, violin, drums, and piano) and think I'm way better at sports than I actually am. ( I am one of the clumsiest people you'll ever meet, with flashes of amazing ninja powers that last about 5 seconds).My life was basically a huge struggle (it still is, make no mistake), but was made even more so based on the fact that I had the biggest crush ever on some freshman girl that lived a few doors down with a fashion blog and really pretty green blue eyes. Essentially my life became a huge plot to win her heart for about 3 months, then one evening everything took a huge,  unexpected drastic turn, and now we've been dating for 4 months, and I love her with all my heart. She keeps my head on straight and keeps me from getting into (too much) trouble, while I help her loosen up a little.

My name's Mariah. I tend to be the less romantic one. Let's just say I try to keep Autumn out of trouble and she thinks I'm squashing her fun but eventually I always win. Yup. She's whipped. And all our friends make fun of her for it, but she doesn't care because she has me. As Autumn said, I have a fashion blog and have had it for just over a year now. It's kind of like my baby and it's just starting to take off and I'm really excited. Currently, I'm a Musical Theatre major and that kind of consumes my life, but that may change to Vocal Performance since really, I'm more of a singer than anything. It's one of the things that made Autumn fall in love with me. My voice, that is. Besides the blog and my crazy insane MT schedule, I love to craft and DIY when I can. I don't have room for my sewing machine at the moment. But next school year, I will, and I plan to make ALL THE CLOTHES!!! Well, as many as I can fit in the little closet and drawer space that I have. I also like to play with my hair and makeup, experiment some. I'm also a bit of an internet addict. It's really bad. I stalk all the social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, the works). And in case you're wondering, I had no clue the entire 3 months that she was plotting to win my heart, but win my heart she did.

One final warning before you make the life changing choice to get involved with the two of us. There are no holds barred on this blog. We shall explore life, love, sexuality, and randomness that some of you may just not be ready for. You have been warned.

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