Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On Dating a Bro in a Chick's Body

Before y'all come after me about being politically correct and asking if she's transgender and all that jazz I will say this first. She's not transgender. She's two spirit (similar to gender queer but not quite) and uses female pronouns. We call her boy days "bro days" and her guy side her bro. We make jokes about her feeling like a bro with boobs. It's really NBD to either of us. If it was a big deal to either of us, it's more her issue than mine. Now that all that's settled...

1) On her bro days, she is surprisingly snuggly and loving. She's pretty affectionate all day. Not that she's ever not affectionate, she's just literally reaching for me as soon as a walk in the door on her bro days. She's hugging me as close as possible.

2) The sex is definitely hotter. When we get in bed, there is no question of who's in charge. And that is not a bad thing ;)

3) The laughter that comes from her having a bro day while on her period. "I shouldn't even have boobs! Let alone have blood pouring from a hole between my legs!" Yes she talks like that. Once she's past being cranky from cramps, she hilarity ensues with things like the above.

4) I have a 6th sense for what kind of day it is, bro or girl day, before she opens her mouth. It's really funny because she has no idea how I can tell. She gets all annoyed and asks "How can you tell?!?!" I honestly have no real clue. I mean, she does act a little different, but I just have this really nice bond with her that somehow gives me a clue as to what kind of day she's having.

5) She freaks out any time I look relatively good. If I put on a nice dress of any kind and decent makeup, she goes weak in the knees. It's kind of funny how that works. And it makes for even better sex later as I mentioned above.

1) Trying to pay for anything. Even when she has absolutely no money to spend, she tries to pay for everything for me. I can pay for my own clothes and jewelry and cups and I can pay for dinner this time. But especially on dates, she likes to pay or she complains that her bro's ego is hurt. Your bro can calm himself. I am an independent modern woman.

2) She doesn't really get makeup. Since more often than not she's having a bro day, she usually doesn't wear makeup. When she does, it's the same look her friends taught her in 7th grade. Sweetie, you're almost 20. You can change how you do your makeup. It doesn't have to be glittery dark shadow with liquid liner every time.

3) She doesn't really get fashion. I try to put an outfit together and get her opinion and she's totally clueless about any and all things sartorial. It's a little frustrating. Then again I go to a small college and most people there are totally clueless about any and all things sartorial. I really shouldn't be surprised.

4) We have the same shoe size and all of her shoes are converse. It's kind of not fair. She gets to borrow my nice heels for fancy occasions since she doesn't have any but it's not reciprocated.

Don't get me wrong. I love her to bits and pieces. There are good and bad things about every relationship. But there are definitely more good things about this one :)

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