Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Long Distance Problems

So first off, can I just say that SKYPE IS NOT THE SAME AND BEING ABLE TO CUDDLE SOMEONE TO SLEEP?! Oh my goodness it makes me so mad that I am about 1,000 miles away from Autumn and I swear to god it is killing me!! We miss each other so damn much one of us cries over it every time we Skype I swear! I really don't like it. It annoys the crap out of me.

Why am I suddenly so upset when we've been separated for about 2 months (1 month since the visit)? Because last night I told Autumn that I have attempted to make the teddy bear she gave me the big spoon and said it wasn't the same. She proceeded to bawl. Not happy fun times. Then we went on to talk about how we miss each other and everything we're going to once we see each other again and how we're never going to do this ever again. This distance thing is just too much.

I realize there are some circumstances where people have to be away from each other for years at a time and don't get to Skype every night like we do. Well 1) They're probably not our age. 2) They've probably been together for several years already. 3) Can we just miss each other without someone criticizing us? Probably not because this is the internet and everyone has an opinion here...

So long story short, here are some various hashtags you can use when you're missing your sweetheart as much as me.

1. #longdistanceproblems
2. #skypesucksduringstorms
3. #skypecan'tholdaconnection
4. #pixelatedvideo
5. #missingyou
6. #constantlytexting
7. #latenightskype
8. #somanytears
9. #hugthebear
10. #coldbed
11. #lonely
12. #aloneinbed
13. #ohmygodi'msowhinyforhavingagirlfriend

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