Saturday, June 7, 2014

Time Apart

Right now, both of us are dealing with the separation of summer. Neither of us are taking it well. Considering we were steps away from each other during the school year, being several hundred miles apart really sucks. We both know we'll be together again in August, and we're both keeping relatively busy, but that doesn't make it any less difficult.

Can I just say we made a poor choice in timing for creating this blog? Everything was right about to get extremely crazy in my life which automatically makes Autumn's life crazy because I'm always freaking out. That's the amazing thing about her. She manages to bring down my panic. I can be such a perfectionist and worry wart and get myself into such a tizzy that I just end up collapsing into her arms for an hour straight just crying. I can't say anything. I just cry. And it sucks. And I know I should be better about this. The sad truth is I'm not. And I hate it. But it's always nice to have someone amazing like Autumn who will just be there and not ask questions. She just holds me. And everything's okay.

I miss sleeping next to her. There's just something comforting about sleeping next to someone. There's something I miss when there's not another warm body to share the covers. Even if I do wake up in the middle of the night and Autumn's pulled the covers off of me, I want her there. I just miss her comforting warmth and curves. I want her arms wrapped around me as I fall asleep. I want to hear her whisper sweet nothings in my ear as I snuggle in closer. I want to share my pillow with her. Am I crazy for feeling this strongly only 6 months in? I mean, we're living together in the fall...

I just love her. I love her so damn much.

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