Saturday, March 15, 2014

Neither of us are currently wearing pants...

Do we have your attention? Good. Now then, it is currently a Saturday evening in Georgia, and as i said before, neither of us are currently wearing pants. This happens more often than is probably socially acceptable, but what the hell. Not that there's any smokey-hokey going on, we just simply don't really remain fully clothed around each other all the time. Often times Mariah simple isn't clothed at all. (though that's more my fault than hers). But lack of basic outer garments aside, this really isn't some literotica story, this is actually the story of how the two of us met. First, my side of the story.

Basically, I got back from a VERY long, boring summer at my sorority house, ready to begin my sophomore year of college earning my psychology degree (enthralling I know). I was all psyched up because this year was all about me spending as much time as possible with my friends and my roommate, one of my best friends, Kati (she will definitely come up again, don't you worry). It was a week before classes and so i was going up to all the people moving into the same hall as me, and introducing myself. Most of them were wide-eyed freshman accompanied by parents, so I was really just giving the basic polite introduction. (name, grade, I'm here if your daughter needs anything, the simple shpeel). To be perfectly honest, I didn't even notice the small little brunette when I was going from room to room earlier that day, I wasn't until later that day that I went over to the mandatory hall meeting and spied a very cutely dressed little freshman in the corner, and immediately my attention was drawn. My first thought was actually, "Wow she's cute. I really hope she isn't a bitch." After the hall meeting Kati and I gave everyone on the hall the open invitation to come play in the ballpit that we have in our dorm room. Guess who the only person to immediately say yes was? The little brunette with adorable blue green eyes. It is perfectly safe to say that after belting out karaoke to classic Disney songs, i had the definite beginnings of a horrid, awful, irreversible crush.

Well apparently we're just telling the story of how we met. I thought we were telling the whole damn story but apparently not. So I'm the freshman that she keeps talking about. I do have a name: Mariah. Anyways, I was moving in with both my parents and a shit ton of boxes. Good lord all the boxes. And all of a sudden some upperclassman just busts in my open doorway and says, "Hi. I'm Autumn. I live a couple doors down. Don't be afraid to knock on my door if you need anything," and pops back out. So I finish unpacking and I'm sitting in my room hoping my roommate will show up. She hadn't yet. And faintly through the super thin walls I can hear two very loud people singing something very badly. As a singer this bothers me to no end, but I can't just go knocking from door to door to figure it out, so I just leave it. I'd figure it out at the hall meeting anyways. I go to the hall meeting (I was not that cutely dressed. I had a pinstripe button up that was pink and white and metallic silver shorts.) where I meet everyone. At some point in the meeting, Kati and Autumn confess to being the loud singers. Of course, being the awkward theatre person I am I just shout at them, "IT WAS YOU!!! I could hear you from my room all afternoon!" So they invited everyone to come sit in their pool (a cheap blow up one from Walmart that they filled with ball pit balls). I was the only one to come that day. I sang Disney songs very badly with them, and Autumn and I figured out that we are soul twins. And things just went from there.

We've decided that on Tuesdays, Mariah will do a post. On Wednesdays, Autumn will do a post. And on Saturdays, both of us will write something together. Saturdays will be interesting...

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